Sid Morgan
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A highly energetic and enthusiastic individual, specializing in English. Dedicated to providing the best education and care to the students.
Accomplished educator with demonstrated ability to teach, motivate, and direct students while maintaining high interest and achievement. Articulate communicator able to effectively interact with diverse populations of students at a variety of academic levels. Consistently maintain excellent relations with students, parents, faculty, and administrators. Self-motivated with strong planning, organizational and leadership skills. I have an MA degree in Strategic communication and public relations ,but after graduating, because of my interest in teaching, I started teaching English in several institutions. I have been teaching English since 1995. I have worked as a teacher, educational manager and teacher trainer. Over the past years, I have worked with several language teaching platforms such as , Vipkid, Hallo, Uvic and.....
I am currently working online with Bermand college in Victoria, Canada#
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